Our products are used in therapeutic apheresis. The word “apheresis” comes from the Greek and means “take away” or “remove”. Therapeutic apheresis therefore involves blood purification procedures in which targeted harmful components are removed from the blood extra-corporeally, i.e. outside the body.

A distinction is made between whole-blood and plasma-apheresis procedures. In the case of whole-blood apheresis, targeted pathogens are removed from the blood directly using adsorbers or filters. In contrast to the whole-blood procedure, the plasma procedure involves the plasma, i.e. the liquid portion, being separated from the blood cells as the first step in a plasma procedure. The next step involves passing the plasma through the adsorber/filter in order to remove the targeted harmful components from the plasma.

The core element of the apheresis is the adsorber or adsorber material. The term “adsorber” comes from the Latin “adsorptio” or “adsorbere” and means “suction/to suck”. Different substances are removed from the blood or plasma, depending on the adsorber used.