Clinical symptoms:

Acute and acute-to-chronic liver failure are associated with high mortality. Water-soluble and water-insoluble degradation products bound to albumin, which can no longer be excreted physiologically, accumulate in the patient. These substances of varying toxicity can increase liver damage, limit its ability to regenerate and also damage other organs. A combination of dialysis and adsorption allows the Prometheus® system to effectively detoxify the blood in the event of liver failure. (Source: Fresenius brochure “Prometheus – Effective detoxification of blood in the event of liver failure”)

Adsorber: prometh® 01/prometh® 02

The adsorbers prometh® 01/prometh® 02 form part of the Prometheus® system. They consist of high-affinity adsorber materials which bind the liver toxins out of the plasma. They are rinsed using an isotonic saline solution before use with the patient’s plasma.